M/THSA Executive Committee

The business of the association is conducted by an Executive Committee comprised of 5 association members elected every three years prior to each reunion.  The following association members make up the current executive committee.

 Governance & anything not already assigned:

John Heitlinger [Dolan-Heitlinger] ’70

Email: Contact John Dolan-Heitlinger

Publications, Knightlines, & Directory:

Jo Lawrence ’61

Email: Contact Jo Lawrence


Linda L. Knapp [Kenney] ’66

Email: Contact Linda Knapp Kenney

Coordinator Liaison

Corinne (Coco) Harden Podawiltz ’76

Email: Contact Corinne (Coco) Harden Podawiltz

Database & Association Website:

Annette Shields [Soroory] ’82

Email: Contact Annette Shields Soroory