Class Coordinator Page

Class Coordinator Page

Class Coordinators are a central and vital part of the M/THS Association.  They are in essence the glue that keeps an organization like ours together.  Class Coordinators keep in contact with  fellow classmates, track down “lost sheep” and contribute to the Class Notes Section of our Knightllines newsletter.    If you are interested in becoming a class coordinator please click here for the Class Coordinator Commitment page that outlines class coordinator responsibility and class coordinator expense reimbursement policy. In addition, you can reach out to the M/THS High School Association Coordinator Liaison, Corinne (CoCo) Harden Podawiltz ’76, with any further questions. The M/THS Class Coordinators have agreed to be listed on this page to make it easy for you to contact them and your classmates.  If you don’t see a class coordinator listed below for your class you can always contact the association directly at


Maureen Fraticelli – Class of 59

Frank Supercinski – Class of 60

Penny Ford-Bedzikian – Class of 61

Sandy Mollenberg Oakley- Class of 61

Patricia Lees Bambridge – Class of 62

Michael Sato – Class of 62

Jill Bannon Conners – Class of 64

Janice LaRue – Class of 64

Andy Figueroa – Class of 65

Jacky Robin Clyman – Class of 65

Roger Castro – Class of 65

Joanne Leary – Class of 66

Steven Overlee- Class of 67

Robert Mason – Class of 67

Allen Clark – Class of 68

Carmen Berlanga-Adams – Class of 69

Sharron Fabiani-Newton – Class of 69

Karen McLaughlin Henrich – Class of 70

Ray B. Shepherd – Class of 70

Bernadette Hohl – Class of 71

Annie Rogers Enberg – Class of 71

Jeri Lynn Hawkins Teters-Krutzler – Class of 72

Bob Donnelly Jr.- Class of 73

Maryl Lavelle – Class of 74

Lori Humbarger Miller – Class of 74

Patti Anaya Gurney – Class of 75

Leslie Bogue -Class of 75

Jody Miller-Class of 76

Tracey Lee Miller Williamson – Class of 78

Pamela Robinson Hillestad – Class of 80

Martica Curry Andrews – Class of 80

Gina Rhodes-Auer – Class of 80

Catherine Smith Webb – Class of 81

Richard Torres – Class of 82

Wally Sisk – Class of 83

Tammy Spice – Class of 84

David Combs – Class of 85

Nolan Corpuz – Class of 90